Message from the Desk of Principal …

It’s indeed a matter of delight to see ‘Sound of Soul’ in new colours, boasting of our student’s creativity and enthusiasm. I must commend the efforts and commitments of the editorial board.

‘Sound of Soul’ is an excellent embodiment of our creative potentials. I am delighted to know that there are contributions from all levels, which bears a testimony to the fact that our brain buckets are brimming with creativity. Art and creativity have no limit. Well goes the saying “Ars Longa Vita Brevis”. The purpose of art and creativity is promotion of welfare through aesthetic delight.

We are living in the age of developments and achievements which accelerate the tempo of our civilization. Though there has been a significant sloth in education and new values have cropped up with emerging trends, our glorious past and its rich legacy have helped us defy the storms and upheavals of time to prolong our sustenance in the market. We continue to strive for the best and nurture the best in our environment. I am sure that you all, and even those saying adieu, will foster the spirit of all core values and dignify this institution through noble efforts.

The students must realize the significance of time. They must be committed to their basic duties and keep themselves prim and proper. As you represent this institution in the world outside, you must present a positive Impression. I earnestly believe that the students will bring accolades in all spheres of life.

I wish you all success in all your endeavors.

Prof. (Dr.) Sudipta Sekhar Mahish