Message from the Editors….

It is a moment of great joy and pleasure for all of us to get the first issue of Cultural Web-Magazine published on the Internet. It was a very memorable journey indeed as we had to face several obstacles and failures time to time . But each of the failures ultimately made us stronger and more and more determined…each of the shortfalls proved to be weaker than our enthusiasm and inspiritation. It is just the beginning. A long way to go. Each and every students of GCETTS can be a part of it by sending their creative articles / poems / sketches etc to ensure it’s continuous improvement. It is really a mouthpiece for all of our dear students and respected faculty members to display their creative and literary talent beyond the boundaries of regular Academic Curriculum … beyond the limitations of Theories, Hypotheses and Equations…

Yes… it is just the beginning … we all must carry it forward for many many more years to come. It is a window through which we all can speak our souls … we all can create a very positive, loving and blissful vibration for the entire institute and the society as a whole.

Finally, we apologize for all the delays and errors if any in the endeavor. Suggestions of each of the students and faculties of GCETTS are cordially welcome for gradual improvement in aesthetic, qualitative and functional features of this magazine.

Since , We had to complete this entire work with great hurry amidst all the regular college activities and busy schedules  , some mistakes or scopes of improvements may  remain there … and hence we are in a journey of contineous improvement with all your supports and positive suggestions . As, we believe that sometimes it is more important to keep  going than going in the best way.

With sincere thanks and regards

Mr. Anirban Dutta ( Faculty member)

Sk.Iftesum ( APM , 3rd Year )

Hasim Ali ( CSE , 3rd Year )